About docnroll

docnroll™ is located in southwestern France, in the cross-border region of Atlantic Pyrenees where the mountain chain’s few remaining bears still roam. This culturally rich region draws influences from Spain, the Basque Country, and the United Kingdom.

docnroll™ is owned and managed by French-born translator Philippe Carino, who has lived in a number of countries throughout the years and has strong expertise in international business development and IT.

“As founder of docnroll™ with years of work experience in a variety of cultural environments, I will always provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. After all, we’re not successful unless you’re successful!”

Philippe Carino – docnroll™

Illustration - laptop showing the globe
  • Highly experienced translator and interpreter teams located all around the world, specializing in business, IT, and more
  • Top-tier human quality control based on a comprehensive translation methodology
  • Cutting-edge translation technology software that promotes consistency to your documents
  • Strong cultural understanding
  • Customer-oriented service