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What our customers say

I’ve known Philippe since 2011, and I can tell you that having worked with many different translation agencies over the years: docnroll is the best!

And it’s not just the best in terms of the quality of the translations and wide multi-language support—it’s the process and their approach to making it easy. Large volume of translation work, across several languages, and requests at the last-minute and tight turn-arounds? No sweat! The ‘well-oiled’ process docnroll has for intake into a system that understands your organization, your industry, through an initial and second-reviewer process, and you’ve quickly got multi-lingual content you can trust.

And most of all Philippe is a great guy, and a solid family man. Always pleasant and cheerful. Lots of fun to talk to… and every email correspondence with him makes you smile—as he is the undisputed master of emojis! 😉😃👍!

Jeff W.

Nextgen Healthcare

We’re very happy with our
collaboration with docnroll. From their responsiveness to our requests to the quality of their translations, they’ve met all of our expectations.

Alexandre M.


Our marketing teams have been working with docnroll since 2008, utilizing their services in various languages. Their translation expertise is excellent. They handle marketing and B2B technology documents with accuracy and always deliver on time. I highly recommend them for any translation needs.

Deborah C.


Thank you so much for these years of collaboration. docnroll has made a positive contribution to several projects over the years-particularly our especially challenging X project!

Your responsiveness and creativity have been instrumental in Airbus’s success, and I enjoy working with you on a personal level.

Audrey L.


docnroll has been my go-to for translation services since 2013, and they consistently impress with their accuracy and attention to detail. Their commitment to excellence ensures every project is flawlessly executed, no matter the complexity. Their team of linguists is highly skilled and proficient in capturing the nuances of language and culture. Their professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction make them a trusted partner in the industry. I highly recommend docnroll to anyone seeking top-notch translation services.

Samir C.


Philippe is an extraordinary professional who finds solutions to even the most complicated problems. My situation was a tough one, needing a Nepali documentary subtitled into Spanish and English. Philippe searched far and wide until he assembled the right team for the job. In the end, he delivered a flawless translation on time, despite having to coordinate a multinational team. docnroll’s services have my highest recommendation.

Ilie O.

La Media Inglesa

Resilient, precise and genuine are the core of docnroll’s service and offering. I’ve worked with Philippe and his teams since 2010 and their services have grown from providing a few translations to ad copy, websites, ticket desk integrations and creative support. Working with such a flexible and responsive agency is key to my role and I’m just in awe at their attention to detail and proactiveness when they catch details I have missed. Thank you to this incredible, passionate team! They truly understand translation and localisation in today’s world, where messaging is core to connecting with customers and businesses.

Janine D.


Connexity, a Taboola Company, has used docnroll’s translation services since 2022, for the translation of our English-language business documents into French and Spanish, and we are extremely satisfied with the quality of their work. In the adtech industry, where jargon and technical info can get lost in translation, docnroll has demonstrated an exceptional ability to maintain the integrity and clarity of our texts. Their attention to detail and commitment to deadlines are greatly appreciated among our marketing and sales teams.



docnroll is a truly amazing translation company! Their service is fast, efficient, and friendly. Each and every interaction we have with them leaves us happy! Thanks especially to Philippe, our contact person.

Victoire G.

Alliance Digitale

Our latest news

docnroll partners with adtech company

One of the most innovative companies from the adtech industry selects a new docnroll solution to increase quality, efficiency and reduce costs through cutting-edge language services.

Thank you so much Brodnax!

We want to thank very much indeed our dearest partner and friend, Brodnax, who has been working with us for many years. Indeed, today Brodnax is retiring from the translation business:

24th June 2024 – 1:30pm:

Hello Brodnax,

As said over the phone, it has been a real pleasure working with you all those years😃.

We will also miss the “evident professionalism” that you have always shown.

Enjoy your family and friends as much as you can😃!

Feel free to say hello the day when you travel to South West France😃.

Take care🤗.

24th June 2024 – 1:13pm::

Hello Philippe

Please note that I am retiring from the translation business at the end of this month.

I have enjoyed working with you and your team of colleagues for several years and will miss the evident professionalism.

You have been my most human contact in the translation business.

Go for quality and creativity! 

Now I will focus on family (as Grandpa) and the local community.

Very best wishes 😉

Welcome to docnroll’s new website!

After 18 years of dedicated service, docnroll has decided to design a new website.

Welcome to our new website! We want to thank Fanny Nordberg for her great web designer talent and patience! Thanks also to Léo’s friend for his great drawing talent and kindness. Thanks also to Léo for his great assistance. Take care and enjoy our brand new website!

What our partners say

Kindness, accuracy, prompt payment: after several years of continuous cooperation I confirm Philippe is the perfect PM, the one who every translator wants to work with. Great client, prompt payment, and when a problem arises: Philippe assures: “no problem, everything is under control!” – Thanks Philippe for your kindness, patience and cheerfulness!

Claudia (IT)

Philippe’s unique team-oriented approach is a true rarity and leads to strong collaboration between freelancers, resulting in dedication and consistent top quality. Honoured to be part of his team.

Roberta (IT)

Been working for docnroll for a lot of years and they are one of the best in town. Very interesting projects, detail and quality oriented and supportive and friendly team.

Edu (ES)

It’s always such a pleasure to work with Philippe! Lovely and very friendly communication, high value placed on quality and care, instantaneous payment. Highly, highly recommended.

Milla (FI)

Philippe is a very kind, well-organized, and helpful project manager. Interesting projects, useful feedback on delivered work and, last but not least, VERY fast payments. Highly recommended.

Federica (IT)


How much does it cost?
We offer an easy 3-step process to help you find out the cost of a project. If you accept the quote we will send you your documents translated in the third phase.
– Step 1: Send us your documents.
– Step 2: We will analyze them, talk to you, and send you a quote. If you approve the quote, we’ll have the document translated/proofread by native speaking specialized translators.
– Step 3: We will send you back your translated documents by your specified deadline.
We’re eager to hear from you!
What is a proofread?
A proofread is a review by a second translator to verify that the context of the original text has been fully understood and translated accurately. A proofread is particularly important for business translations because there is usually more than one way to say the same thing. With a proofread, the second translator can ensure that the appropriate tone of voice has been adopted and all conventions have been followed.
How do you charge and what are your rates?
Pricing is based on the number of words in the source document and varies depending on the deadline, project size, subject matter (technical, IT, etc.), content, language pair, and format (.doc, .pdf, .html, editing graphics, etc.). The price excludes any post-translation formatting that may be necessary. We will advise you if there are any additional charges for you to approve.
Which document types can be processed through docnroll™?

File Type Name File Type Extension Help Topic
XLIFF *.xlf, *.xliff XLIFF
XLIFF 2.0 *.xlf, *.xliff XLIFF 2.0
XLIFF: Kilgray MemoQ *.mqxlf, *.mqxliff, *.mqxlz XLIFF: Kilgray MemoQ
Microsoft Word 97-2003 *.doc, *.dot*.wps Word 97-2003
Microsoft Word 2007-2019 *.docx, *.dotx, *.docm, *.dotm Word 2007-2013
Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 *.ppt, *.pps, *.pot PowerPoint 97-2003
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2019 *.pptx, *.ppsx, *.potx, *.pptm, *.potm, *.ppsm PowerPoint 2007-2019
Microsoft Excel 97-2003 *.xls, *.xlt Excel 97-2003
Microsoft Excel 2007-2019 *.xlsx, *.xltx, *.xlsm Excel 2007-2016
Bilingual Excel Studio *.xlsx Bilingual Excel Studio
Microsoft Visio *.vsdx, *.vsx, *.vtx, *.vdx, *.vssx, *.vstx, *.vsdm, *.vssm, *.vstm Visio
Rich Text Format (RTF) *.rtf Rich Text Format
XHTML 1.1 *.html, *.htm XHTML 1.1
XHTML 1.1 (2) *.html, *.htm , *.xhtm
HTML 5 *.htm, *.html, *.xhtml, *.jsp, *.asp, *.aspx, *.ascx, *.inc, *.php, *.hhk, *.hhc HTML 5
Adobe FrameMaker 8-2020 MIF *.mif FrameMaker MIF
Adobe FrameMaker 8-2020 MIF V2 *.mif
Adobe InDesign CS2-CS4 INX *.inx InDesign INX
Adobe InDesign CS4-CC IDML *.idml InDesign IDML
Adobe InCopy CS4-CC ICML *.icml InCopy ICML
Adobe Photoshop *.psd;*.pdd;*.psdt; Adobe Photoshop
OpenDocument Text Document (ODT) *.odt, *.ott, *.odm OpenDocument Text Document
OpenDocument Presentation (ODP) *.odp, *.otp OpenDocument Presentation
OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS) *.ods, *.ots OpenDocument Spreadsheet
QuarkXPress Export *.xtg, *.tag QuarkXPress
PDF *.pdf PDF
Comma Delimited Text (CSV) *.csv Simple Delimited Text
Tab Delimited Text *.txt Simple Delimited Text
Portable Object *.po Portable Object
SubRip *.srt
Java Resources *.properties Java Resources
Microsoft .NET *.exe; *.dll Microsoft .NET Libraries
Markdown *.md;*.markdown Markdown
XML: Microsoft .NET Resources *.resx
XML: OASIS DITA 1.3 Compliant *.xml, *.dita
XML: OASIS DocBook 4.5 Compliant *.xml
XML: Author-it Compliant *.xml
XML: MadCap Compliant *.html, *.htm
XML: W3C ITS Compliant *.xml, *.its
XML: Any XML *.xml
JSON *.json JSON
Text *.txt Text
Email *.msg, *.eml, *.emlx, *.oft Email
YAML *.yaml;*.yml YAML
MemSource *.mxliff MemSource


Where do your translators come from? What qualifications do they hold?

Our translators come from all over the world. We only let translators translate into their “mother tongue” – i.e. If they are from Spain they can translate from English to Spanish (Castilian) but not the other way round. All our translators have a professionally recognized qualification in a translation related subject and are usually specialists in other fields as well.

How can we pay for the translation services?
Payment may be made by bank transfer. Orders over €200 require a 50% deposit.

  • Payment for new customers: 50% of the payment shall be made upon the date of order and 50% upon the delivery date of the translation and invoice.
  • Payment for existing customers: Payment shall be made upon receipt from the date of invoice. All payments shall be made without deduction or adjustment for bank charges.
    How does your purchase orders process work?
    Orders can be made by email. They must be sent as an attachment, and the orders have been previously digitized.
    Will you send me an invoice?
    We will send you an invoice shortly after completion of the project—or at agreed stages if the project is ongoing.
    Is there a contact person who can answer my questions?

    Yes. The best way for you to get the translation you need, and for us to ensure you get a quality service all the time, is to talk to each other. Please see our Contact section for all relevant contact information.

    We also have a call back service, so please send us your phone number and we will call you back.

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